Zeltweg – The Austrian Grand Prix

Zeltweg – The Austrian Grand Prix

11th August 1979

The sixth race in the Procar series took place in Zeltweg and was staged over 17 laps at 5.942 km each. The winner mastered the race distance of 101.014 km at an average speed of 184.82 km/h.

Jacques Laffite confidently won his first Procar race at the Österreichring, stopping Niki Lauda’s winning streak; whilst Clay Regazzoni was given hope of winning the coveted the BMW M1, due to Niki Lauda dropping out. Markus Hötting proved himself as the best private driver, finishing in 2nd place, whilst Marc Surer attracted some attention for his impressive race to catch up.

Already in the 3rd lap, Frenchman – Jacques Laffite – stole the lead from Australian – Alan Jones – subsequently keeping the grid in check.

Jones dropped out due to engine trouble. Lauda too withdrew, due to clutch failure. Behind Laffite followed a lot of suspense. The protagonists included Höttinger, Regazzoni, Stuck, Pironi and Bürger, who once again was able to drive Lauda’s factory M1. All continuously changing positions. Eventually, Höttinger was able to free himself from this group and finished in 2nd place, whilst Regazzoni and Pironi jostled until the final laps for 3rd place. Only when the Swissman announced gear problems, was Pironi able to overtake. Once again, the star of Hockenheim, Hans-Georg Bürger amazingly battled his way to the finish line, in 6th place directly behind Manfred Winkelhock. In 7th place and with an ailing engine, Stuck was dissatisfied. Due to a burst engine during practice, Jochen Mass was not even able to compete.

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Zeltweg – The Austrian Grand Prix

81 Manfred Winkelhock, Zeltweg, "procar" - Serie 1979

BMW works cars in BMW M design
Blue text = F1 driver – Red time = F1 driver

Pos. # Name Nat. Team Laps Time T-Time
1 26 Jacques Laffite F BMW Motorsport 17 32:47,75 1:35,92
2 44 Markus Höttinger A Dr.Helmut Marko 17 32:53,19 1:54,02
3 3 Didier Pironi F BMW Motorsport 17 32:56,87 1:36,98
4 28 Clay Regazzoni CH BMW Motorsport 17 32:59,93 1:36,84
5 81 Manfred Winkelhock D Winkelhock Racing 17 32:63,33 1:55,09
6 90 Hans-Georg Bürger D BMW Motorsport 17 32:63,80 1:54,28
7 77 Hans-Joachim Stuck D Cassani Racing 17 32:72,06 1:53,54
8 71 Marc Surer CH BMW Schweiz 17 32:83,03 1:54,80
9 70 Bruno Giacomelli I BMW Italia 17 32:87,35 1:55,68
10 99 Toine Hezemans NL BMW Nederland 17 32:90,71 1:55,72
11 50 Dieter Quester A Tom Walkinshaw 17 32:91,34 1:56,16
12 66 Helmut Kelleners D Eggenberger 17 33:03,25 19.
13 45 Sepp Manhalter A Schnitzer 17 33:63,97 18.
14 61 Walter Brun CH Schnitzer / Brun 17 33:75,72 17.
5 Niki Lauda A Project FourRacing dit not finish 1:36,72
27 Alan Jones AUS BMW Motorsport dit not finish 1:34,30
88 Franz Konrad A Konrad Racing dit not finish 16.
41 Wolfgang Schütz D Schütz Racing dit not finish 1:56,33
55 Jochen Mass D Team Krebs dit not start 1:55,05

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