Crash Tests

Crash Tests

It seems only reasonable to expect standard production cars to meet certain safety standards, particularly when they are to be exported, as in BMW’s case, to more than 100 countries all over the world, including the USA with its own stringent safety regulations (which benefit all other BMW owners indirectly!).

BMW Classic Archiv: crash test TÜV Bayern on 17th of July 1978. image left and centre is chassis-nr.: 007, image right is chassis-nr.: 010

Crash tests despite small quantities

Another car produced in still smaller numbers was the famous BMW M1 (453 street- and procar-versions), which has a plastic body, but still had to pass the same tough BMW safety tests as the remaining models in the range. Only then was production of this rare and potent vehicle, which today fetches astronomically high second-hand prices, allowed to proceed.

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