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In 1980, all owners of BMW M1s were invited to the Fomula1 Grand Prix race in Monaco by BMW Motorsport GmbH. About 50 M1-guests replied to the invitation and came.

At the opening of the new Nürnburgring on the May 12, 1984, the 53 M1 drivers of the BMW Club Europe e.V. met at the invitation of BMW AG. Eventually, the BMW M1 Club was founded as a cooperation partner of the BMW Veterans Club e.V. in Bielefeld on the May 9, 1987.

On May 8, 1994, at a surprisingly orderly club member gathering, the statutes of the BMW M1 club were written, and on September 25, 1994 in Nürnberg, the statues were ratified.

The BMW M1 Club and its members are interested in maintaining the original idea and exclusivity of the M1.

The club meetings that occur twice a year has been a central element in each of the 13 years of the club’s life. We have compiled some of the news of the Events from the last few years for you.

BMW M1 cars will become “Classic Cars” and will have good chances of winning in sports competitions.


For more than 20 years, the BMW M1 Club has been the worldwide central starting place for everyone interested in the BMW M1. Today we have 88 members who own 87 M1 cars. That means one of every fifth of the 453 BMW M1s that were ever build are represented in the club.
Today the M1 Club is aware of 348 (77%) M1’s worldwide in 28 countries.

The board

Dirk Friedrich


Axel Hagemann


The board
Chairman Dirk Friedrich (D)
Vice-Chairman Axel Hagemann (D)
Treasurer Alois Landler (D)
Secretary Erich Matter (CH)
PR + Web Achim Pohl (D)

The BMW M1 Club e.V. is an an international forum with members from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, South Africa, Switzerland and the U.S.A.

The members meet twice a year at Events throughout Europe. The common fun of the M1, sporty competition with the M1, and experience-rich weekends in the most beautiful places in Europe are hallmarks of the meetings.

Why not stop by and find out about the advantages of becoming a member. Further information below, or contact us directly.

Articles of association / Bylaws

The task of the M1 Club as an Registered Association is to keep the M1 vehicles alive in public.

On the occasion of an extraordinary members meeting on the 8th of May 1994 in Esslingen the bylaws of the M1 Club were revised and passed on the 25th of September 1994 in Nuremberg.

Further modifications were made and passed on the 7th of June 2003 in Landsberg/Lech in todays version.

Download the statutes of the BMW M1 Club e. V International

The statute can be found here (PDF)


Membership in the BMW M1 Club e.V. offers M1 owners the opportunity to share their facination with the M1 in a circle of likeminded individuals. On two weekends each year, the most beautiful places in Europe provide the setting for rich experiences in and around the M1. Sporty aspects in the area of comparisons, race track days, or slaloms are covered as well as cultural and culinary aspects. The weekends are planned by club members, that – using their network of contacts – put together exceptional and unique programs. Please take a look at the event announcements and become inspired.

Besides the events, the M1 Club offers advice and help about the M1. We converse in the discussion forum (access only for club members) on subjects such as technical matters, buying, M1 events, and much more. And we also maintain a production list of M1 cars and can give members information about the history of the M1 that they own.

The BMW M1 Club has its own statutes and is led by an executive committee of club members that are elected into the position. The executive committee is comprised in the following manner:

  • President
  • Vice President, simultaneously responsible for tourism and sport
  • Treasurer
  • Committee member for press, film, and photos
  • Committee member for documentation and secretary

On the May 8, 1994 in Esslingen, at a surprisingly orderly general meeting of members, the statutes were written, and on September 25, 1994, the statutes were ratified. The M1 club is the central contact point for M1 owners. Members strive to preserve the original idea and exclusivity.

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