Monte Carlo

The third race in the Procar series of 1980

Monte Carlo

The third race in the Procar series of 1980

17th May 1980

The third race for the Procar series in Monaco in 1980 was staged over 15 laps at 3.312 km each. The winner mastered the race distance of 49.68 km at an average speed of 111.608 km/h.

As expected, it was a turbulent Procar race in Monte Carlo: Spinning, skidding, collision and cross words spiced up the 15-lap battle, which Hans-Joachim Stuck deservedly won.

So as to make the most of the spectacle, the weather gods let down a light rain shower over the Mirabeau and Loews turns, making the tarmac extremely slippery. Jan Lammer clearly won the starting duel and was leading after one lap, ahead of Stuck and Pironi – that was his last lap in this race. Didier Pironi, currently completely unleashed, whether in Formula 1 or in BMW, shoved the Dutchman into the crash barrier at Loews turn, however falling behind a great deal as a result of this action.

For many laps Helmut Kelleners led in a well primed M1 by Ruedi Eggenberger and only had to give in to a completely unleashed Stuck a few laps before the finish, nevertheless coming in second place.

As a result of a spin, Stuck had fallen back many places, but Strietzel is an exceptionally skilled player in a touring car, who can even overtake in Monte Carlo. “Fool” was the subtlest expression, used by Winkelhock and Quester in a quarrel after the race. Manfred was hindered by Stuck’s spin, falling behind many places and came in directly behind Quester. “Quastl” was now getting on the nerves of Winkelhock for so long that he lost it in the Sainte Devote chicane and took out both cars in a heated effort. This section also became the fate of Jo Gartner, whilst Derek Daly, who was sat in a touring car for the first time in his life, flung his BMW into the crash barrier after the Tabac turn.

Avus winner, Schurti, who this time had to compete in a Sauber BMW, started in the in the final starting positions, as his gearshift had jammed during practice and found his way to eighth place as a result of the many withdrawals.

The race result

Monte Carlo – The third race in the Procar series of 1980

BMW M1 Procar Design - Werkswagen mit rotem StreifenBMW-Werksautos in rotem Design // Roter Text = F1-Fahrer

Pos. # Name Nat. Team Laps Time T-Time
1 40 Hans-Joachim Stuck D Project four Racing 15 26:42,46 1:41,68
2 66 Helmut Kelleners D Eggenberger 15 26:43,27 1:41,80
3 5 Nelson Piquet BR B&S Fabrication 15 26:44,71 1:42,30
4 27 Alan Jones AUS B&S Fabrication 15 27:01,95 1:43,13
5 90 Beppe Gabiani I BMW Schweiz 15 27:05,45 1.45,30
6 28 Carlos Reutemann RA B&S Fabrication 15 27:12,86 1:43,17
7 70 Massimo Sigala I BMW Italia 15 27:22,63 1:44,98
8 90 Manfred Schurti FL Sauber 15 27:23,08 1:45,30
9 25 Didier Pironi F B&S Fabrication 15 27:28,47 1:42,20
10 61 Walter Brun CH Schnitzer / Brun 15 28:06,61 1:45,20
11 81 Hans Heyer D GS-Sport – Denim 15 28:21,27 1:43,95
12 69 Arturo Merzario I BMW Italia 15 28:26,04 1:44,06
13 91 Walter Nußbaumer CH Sauber 14 1:48,92
14 41 Wolfgang Schütz D Schütz Racing 14 1:42,60
80 Hans-Georg Bürger D GS-Sport – BASF dit not finish 1:41,88
4 Derek Daly IRL B&S Fabrication dit not finish 1:42,07
77 Dieter Quester A BMW Austria dit not finish 1:44,96
55 Manfred Winkelhock D Cassani dit not finish 1:41,34
99 Jan Lammers NL BMW Nederland dit not finish 1:41,12
88 Jo Gartner A Dr. Helmut Marko dit not finish 1:43,31
58 Francois Servanin F ZOL Auto dit not qualify 1:52,06
60 Edy Brandenberger CH Team Lepitre dit not qualify 1:58,38

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