Jochen Neerpasch

Jochen Neerpasch mit Chris Amon. Chris war damals einer der jüngsten und talentiertesten F1 Fahrer

Career (Racer)

  • Tourenwagenrennen auf Borgward und Volvo
  • Sportwagen WM im Carrol Shelby Cobra Team (USA)
  • Sportwagen WM im Essex Wire Ford GT 40 Team (USA)
  • Sportwagen WM im Dr.h.c.f. Porsche Werksteam (Stuttgart)
  • Bester Rennerfolg: 1. Gesamt Klassement 24 Stunden Daytona Beach 1968

Career (Job)

1968 – 1972 Ford Werke AG Koeln :Leiter Motorsport
1972 – 1980 BMW AG Muenchen: Vors. der Geschaeftsleitung BMW Motorsport GmbH
1980 PSA Talbot Paris: Directeur General Competition
1981 – 1982 FISA Paris: Deligierter Sportwagen WM
1983 – 1987 IMG London / Muenchen: Vice President Motorsport
1988 – 1992 Daimler Benz AG Stuttgart / PP Sauber AG Hinwil: Rennleiter / Mitglied der Geschaeftsleitung
1993 – 1998 BKP ( ADAC ) Super Tourenwagen Meisterschaft – Manager
1999 – 2001 Euroc S.A.M. Monaco: Geschaeftsleiter

Field of activities at BMW

As Racing Team Manager at Ford in Koeln I was responsible for the development of the Race Capri.
In both the German and the European Touring Car Championship we gave BMW a hard time.

In 1971 when Bob Lutz became Board Member, responsible for marketing and sales, I was offered to establish a new Motorsport Organisation in Munich .

In March 1972, BMW Motorsport GmbH was founded and I became Managing Director. The history of BMW Motorsport GmbH became evident.

To be more flexible in view of the frequently difficult working time conditions at the race tracks, we had chosen the status of an independent company.

As an independent company we could also increase our small budget by developing, producing and selling the M-Products and Accessories.

Our endeavours at that time, to become an engine supplier not only in F2 but also in F1 were not approved by the Board of BMW AG. (The later 4cyl. turbo engine already existed as touring car engine.)

The M1 project becomes evident against this background.

The idea was to use the M1 as a basic car for entries in several production car categories. Rally entries would have been possible as well as racing entries in Gr.4 or Gr.5.

Because of production delays by Lamborghini we could not participate with the homologated M1 at FISA Motorsport Meetings in the first two production years.

With the  Procar Series 1979/1980 we could however, write racing history.

After I had left BMW it was decided to start in the F1 and, consequently the M1 had become superfluous.

It is a pity because from today’s point of view the M1 could have written a similar successful motor sports history as for example the Porsche 911 racing versions, if the project had been carried on.