Walter Maurer

Walter Maurer – der Farbfanatiker, ein Virtuose im Umgang mit Lack, Pinsel und Spritzpistole.

Amazing compositions spirit the observer into a fascinating world of colour. One senses that Maurer’s passion is the medium paint. The luminosity of the colours and their motion give his works the unmistakable and unique hallmark which has made him famous. Harmonic colour combinations are in many cases paired with representations which appear to be “organic”; in others, contemporary and current themes are portrayed.


1942 born in Munich, Germany.

1959 Walter Maurer completes training at the School for Arts and Crafts Hans Baier at the head of his class. Maurer begins his career as a design painter and commercial artist.

1965 – 1967 Study of graphic arts in the private school Carl Ludwig Gössl.

Starting in 1966 Walter Maurer carries out experiments with sheet metal. The style of his works is situated between cubism and expressionism – his works have been employed in modified form for motor cars. Maurer was a pioneer in this area and he is still the best; he is often referred to as the “Jacques Dior of sheet metal.”

In 1967 Maurer sets up as an independent paint designer. The theme of the motor car’s mobility is at the centre of his creations. In his designs and graphics, flowing lines express his way of thinking about motion. Bright colours applied liberally strengthen the impression of dynamism. His creativity, unique approach in the use of paint, unconventional choice of colours and entirely new ways of treating the surfaces of objects  combine to make Maurer the initiator of a new direction in art – the technique of painting in aquarelle lacquers. This very highly labour intensive technique involves the application of various coats of paint; this and the highly polished surface which can be obtained with this method  remind us of its close relationship with the 2000 year old Asian art of lacquering.

1975 Walter Maurer (together with Alexander Calder) is commissioned to lay the basis for the external design of BMW’s Art Car series. The racing car BMW 3.0 CSL (Start-No. 93) marks the beginning of a long association with BMW continuing until 1991.

In collaboration with world-famous artists such as:
– Frank Stella (1976 BMW 3.0 CSL),
Roy Lichtenstein (1977 BMW 320i Group 5),
Andy Warhol (1979 BMW M1, Start-No. 76 in Le Mans, 24 Hours., 6th place overall ),
Prof. Ernst Fuchs (1982 BMW 635 CSi),
Cesár Manrique (1990 BMW 730i) and
A.R. Penk (1991 BMW Z 1) Maurer contributes significantly to the success of these models.

1980/89 – Walter Maurer creates for the BMW Corp. unique lacquer designs for a number of different racing cars. During this period he piloted the BMW M1 model in a number of races with success, e.g. German Racing Car Trophy in 1981; Super Cap Group C in 1987, 1988, and 1989, as well as a number of long distance championship competitions.

1980/82 – Walter Maurer has carried out custom paint jobs at the factory for more than 40 BMW M1 motor cars that have been ordered by clients. Some examples:

  • BMW M1 Dr. Soldan, Nuremberg (see the Magazine „Classiccars  Nov. 2006
  • BMW M1 Dieter Quester, Vienna , in oak green
  • BMW M1 Michael Krankenberg
  • BMW M1 Harry Scheller, Ratingen , in metallic burgundy
  • BMW M1 Münchner Wirte – Prinz Leopold v. Bayern (Gr. 4, LM 1981, # 71)
  • BMW M1 Procar Dr.H. Marko/Jo Gartner # 88
  • BMW M1 Procar “Nürburgring” Auto # 201 as well as all BMW Motorsport Procars Serie 1979.

1990  First exhibitions of Maurer’s creations in Germany and in foreign countries. In 1993, Maurer is the first contemporary artist to have his work included in BASF’s Museum of Paint in Münster.

Between 1991 and 2001, Walter Maurer is called to give courses at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich . His students include sculptors and painters, as well as graphic artists and architects. His inspiring instruction sets many of his students onto new and exciting paths of artistic expression.

From 1994 to 2000 Maurer heads his own Academy of Design , Art and Painting Technique in Herbertshausen near Munich . Designers, artists, colour technicians and students from the Academy of Fine Arts are exposed to impulses and introduced to techniques which provide them with pioneering possibilities in their professional activity.

1998“Automobile-Sculpture” is conceived. For the first time, the car’s chassis is made a part of the artistic design of the car. There are no windows; the car’s entire surface is integrated in a chromatic and communicative statement.

1999 – Subject to the strictest secrecy, the first colour designs for BMW-Williams Formula 1 racing car are prepared under the direction of Walter Maurer.

2000 – Spring: Exhibition at DaimlerChrysler in Dresden at the presentation of the Maurer-A-Class. In summer of that year, for EADS’ Eurocopter the BK 117 with a typical Maurer design. In the autumn a second “automobile sculpture” is finished, its “… come together” theme receiving great attention.

In the winter the BMW-Williams Formula 1 team expresses its dissatisfaction with the way the colours of its racing car appear in print media and TV. In collaboration with BASF/Glasurit Walter Maurer develops a new tone of blue which produces the desired effect when reproduced in the media. Sir Frank Williams and Patrick Head, Gerhard Berger, Dr. Mario Theissen and BMW director Dr. Ing. Burkhard Göschel are enthusiastic. Maurer’s firm takes in hand the painting of the formula 1 racing car for the first race in Melbourne .

2001 – Spring: The exhibition „…come together“ in Dachau presents the automobile sculpture of the same name. Attendance is so great that the exhibition has to be extended for several weeks.


Presentation of the BMW Coupé “Circle” as the absolute high-light before an audience of 450 VIPs, on the occasion of the Exhibition Colour 2002 in Munich. The BMW Corporation made available a new BMW 328 Ci and took advantage of the opportunity to polish its image.

A permanent exhibition at Castle Leitheim during the entire concert season from the middle of June until the end of September. Members of the board of directors and executives of BMW, EADS, Daimler-Chrysler, BASF and Eurocopter are present at the opening.

October: Exhibition in the Smart-Centres in Munich and Augsburg .

November:  EADS gives Maurer as an off-shot of the exhibition in Leitheim the commission to create a design for the external surfaces of a jet plane of the superlative class – the Eurofighter. Maurer solves the problems posed by this commission in sovereign manner with an abstract design of figures communicating with each other – man in dialogue and at the interface to high technology.

2003 – Exhibition at BMW in FIZ of the automobile sculptures.

2004 – Start of negotiations with a state consortium with a view to consulting activity in connection with an experimental plant for painting large series for a new make of motor car planned for 2010.

2005 – Walter Maurer creates the design for a high performance racing car which intends to break the speed record for a single round at the Nürburgring in 2007. The goal is to obtain wide-spread attention favouring the international commercialisation of this model.

2006 – Creation of new colours for a chemical concern. Large scale production is planned for 2008.

General information about Walter Maurer:

A number of industrial concerns call on his unique know-how. Among them are for example BMW, DaimlerChrysler, EADS, Opel, eurocopter, Suzuki, Philipp Morris, Swarovski,  Irizar Busse, as well as airlines such as  Lufthansa, LTU, Eurowings, RUAG Aerospace, Condor, Thomas Cook etc..

Maurer has supervised and carried out the painting of unique examples for German car makers which have been shown at the International Automobile Show at Frankfurt , the Tokyo Motor-Show, and at major exhibitions at Geneva and Paris .

In addition, Maurer is active as a consultant for international concerns such as Beiersdorf / tesa AG, EADS Military Aircraft, etc.


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